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Insulation and Rubber Lining

IKAD is multidiscipline Engineering Company now expanding and offering an insulation/Sheet-metal division with a wide range of expertise in the marine industry.

IKAD now offer our clients a "one stop shop" with a wide ranging and growing insulation division capable but not limited to:

  • The supply and installation of nonstructural bulkheads for compartment upgrades and configuration changes.
  • The supply and installation of ships furniture such as lockers, desks, and sleeping arrangement equipment,
  • Internal fit-out and upgrades to mechanical/electrical workshops, ships Galleys, recreation spaces, dining facilities as well as sleeping and office compartments.
  • We also offer as part of compartment upgrades and configuration changes the capability to manufacture and install ventilation ducting or the supply and install of various size spiral duct tube and fittings.
  • Our insulation capability consists of the application of high temp Rockwool insulation for exhaust systems using multi layered staggered joint install process to achieve the clients specifications limiting heat release and "hot spots"
  • Bulk-head and deck-head insulation using a wide range of products consisting of but not limited to Polyimide foam, 820 high temp Rockwool and fire master X607 to achieve the desired fire rating specifications of our clients.
  • Pipework insulation is varied from armaflex non halogen tube to high temp Rockwool snap on pipe sections; we also offer a wide range of mechanical protection to the insulation depending on the specification and client requirements.
  • Supply and installation of compartment signs, door markings etc.


  • Polyimide Foam Various Thicknesses.
  • Fibretex Rockwool to various temperatures and thicknesses.
  • Fibre-glass and Rockwool snap on pipe sections.
  • Armaflex both flat sheet and tube both regular and non-halogen.
  • Mechanical protection in the form of cladding using a wide variety of products.
  • Mechanical protection using re-wettable cloth and other types of cloth finishes.
  • Sealers such as fosters 30-36 seal-fas.
  • Spiral duct and fittings.
  • Nonstructural bulkheads both insulated and honey comb including associated joiners etc.
  • False bulkhead and deckhead panels both solid and perforated.
  • Ships furniture and furnishings.


Insulation and Rubber Lining
Insulation and Rubber Lining


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