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IKAD Engineering Sustainability

IKAD Engineering views Sustainability as the over-arching concept that encompasses environmental quality, business ethics, governance, employee health and safety, diversity and philanthropy. IKAD goes to great measures to manage its three most important resources. These being defined as "people, planet, and profit". This provides the basis for receiving society's "permission to operate" and to develop the "bank of goodwill" for when times are tough and, most important, a strategic approach to sustainability that can have a positive impact on the organisation's longevity and profitability.

IKAD views sustainability as being first and foremost a business strategy. And building and maintaining that strategy begins with looking closely and thoughtfully at the business, then using what is learned to operate for long-term success-meeting the company's current needs in ways that help ensure that future generations can meet theirs.

As such, IKAD sees sustainability as much more than the footprint the company's operations have today. It's a path to chart for the future that brings together smart, disciplined management of financial resources, responsible use of natural resources and strategic investment in human resources-both within the company and in the communities in which it serves.

With that in mind, IKAD since its inception, has developed a culture of inclusion. IKAD listens to its employees, and listens to its clients, to ensure that its 3 most important resources (“people, plant and profit”) are nurtured and continually improved. To achieve this IKAD has a deep commitment to continually improving its systems and it people by investing in training, development of systems, and involvement in the community.


IKAD has an excellent industry and community reputation which is reflected in the reputation gained by both the Company and its founders.

IKAD staff have been appointed to leading industry bodies such as the WA Defence Industry Council and the WA Premier’s Defence Consortium. Importantly IKAD also established and provided ongoing leadership, coordination and support of the Henderson Alliance, a group of 32 SMEs focused on securing defence contracts. In addition, IKAD has provided assistance and support for the establishment of the Defence Teaming Centre operations in WA. Importantly, IKAD is a strong industry citizen with a high community profile and participates in supportive industry activities — and regularly engages with key government decision-makers, stakeholders and industry influencers.

IKAD is also engaged in local community sponsorship, but focusses this approach to local community groups which really need the support.

IKAD actively participates in industry forums, leading the charge for SMEs and actively promoting their capabilities with primes, industry and government.

Through its involvement of the Alliance, IKAD has directly assisted and supported many small businesses with the defence-ready process and distributed key industry information, which has included working in active partnership with the Defence Teaming Centre to establish operations in WA and recruit local members.


Reflective of 2 of IKAD’s primary Mission Objectives being;

1. Continually improve [“Getting better at everything”], and;
2. Relentless focus on people values [“Genuinely caring for our staff”]

the Company invests heavily in its most important resource, our People. IKAD employs a number of apprentices and over recent years has also provided many opportunities for ex-defence personnel to get a start in the private sector. Currently the business employs 12 ex-defence personnel.

The IKAD business is focused on the training and retention of its staff, and annually invests 10% of its wage budget on staff development. This includes sending selected personnel to Switzerland for specialist naval gearbox training, and trained its team to undertake a range of quality testing and in-house welding certification. IKAD invests significantly in staff training and personal development rather than spending money on advertising campaigns. IKAD has reinvested its profits into accreditations, staff training and new facilities to ensure it is always at the forefront of Industry.

IKAD has an Indigenous Participation Plan and works closely with an affiliated Labour Hire firm to offer real work opportunities.

IKAD has always provided recruitment opportunities for women to participate in traditionally male-dominated mechanical engineering operations, and is committed to gender diversity in the workplace.


Currently IKAD Engineering holds the highest possible certifications and accreditations across a range of key disciplines. Being a privately-owned family business, IKAD is agile and progressive, and is able to make the necessary decisions to adapt to the immediate and strategic needs of its industry clients.

The business has also undertaken a thorough internal review and gap analysis to develop a plan to ensure IKAD is best positioned at the cutting edge to capitalise on forthcoming industry needs. This plan includes implementing a capability improvement process to ensure the company is recognised as a strong and reliable counterparty operating at the highest international standards and meeting the commercial requirements of the most discerning international clients.

This includes security, legal documentation, export controls, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, risk management and relentless improvements to management systems and processes, quality assurance and workplace health and safety procedures.

IKAD regularly undertakes comprehensive internal reviews, and has developed and implemented a strategic Business Development Plan to establish the company as a leading business which is actively sought after by leading Industry clients.


IKAD has a focused environmental ethic across its operations with robust policies and procedures in place. In addition, the business has heavily invested in solar panels on its main workshops to generate up to 3200 kW hours of daily energy production, resulting in not only benefits to the environment, but also a 70-80% saving in business electricity costs.


IKAD Engineering is committed to assisting with the increase in Soverign Capability in Australia. To that end IKAD is commited to its Research and development Programs which include but are not limited to the following;

  • Creation of an Electronic Fluid Coupling Pneumatic Converter using digital components for integration and use on ANZAC class frigates, with function tests undertaken on HMAS Stuart
  • Developed a new below-water hull-welding technique, conducted in-water rather than dry-docked — since utilised with major savings to the defence budget
  • Development of an innovative cost-saving process of in-situ environmental manipulation to allow internal repairs and surface treatment of navy ship potable water tanks to be conducted at sea rather than dry-dock — again with significant cost-savings for the navy
  • A relationship established with Curtin University for defence innovation and R&D collaboration with Energy Research Initiatives, including the in-progress development of an in-house research and prototyping proposal
  • Exploration of new technology partnerships to provide ongoing support for defence-related research