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IKAD Engineering Oil & Gas

IKAD Engineering has extensive experience in the provision of numerous services to the Oil and Gas Industry, both onshore and offshore. IKAD’s Management systems and accreditations to DNVGL standards compliment these specialised services which are detailed below;

Mechanical Services

  • All aspects of fitting and machining including In-situ Machining
  • Overhaul, Rebuild, and Remanufacture of specialised machinery and plant
  • Overhaul, Rebuild, and Remanufacture of Anchor and Mooring and Winching systems / components
  • Overhaul, Rebuild, and Remanufacture of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Overhaul, Rebuild, and Remanufacture of Pumps, valves and control systems
  • Overhaul, Rebuild, and Remanufacture of Cranes, Davits and Lifts
  • Provision of Labour, tooling and equipment hire
  • All aspects of Heavy Rigging and load shifting
  • Laser Alignment and Vibration Analysis


  • Welding & weld repair of all ferrous and non-ferrous materials fitted to offshore facilities to stringent various Welding Codes including ISO, Mil-spec and many various applicable codes.
  • Piping System design, maintenance, replacement & repair of varying diameters/sizes from gauge line to Large bore & materials including but not limited Copper Nickel, multiple varying grades of S/S, carbon steel etc.
  • Accredited GRE Piping System Installers
  • Multi discipline Repair Works inclusive of General, Structural, and Deck plate repair, replacement/renewal.
  • Supply of diverse range of Exotic materials & products


  • All types of specialised Coating applications in accordance with client and maunfacturers specification’s
  • Supervision and Inspection by our NACE 1 & 2 inspectors strictly in accordance with Australian and International standards.
  • Abrasive blasting, mechanical surface preparation, airless/conventional & brush/roller application including specialised application of tank coatings


Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
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