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Surface Treatment

NACE CIP Painting and Surface Coatings

Backed by NACE CIP Level 2 certified coatings’ inspectors, Ikad’s experienced team provides high quality coatings solutions to the defence, heavy industry and commercial sectors. Understanding that quality application ensures resilience of the final product; Ikad tests and monitors application methods, conditions and the product itself at all stages of the application cycle to ensure the final product will provide maximum protection from corrosion and stand the test of time.

IKAD specialises in the following:

  • Strong technical knowledge & advice
  • Coating Inspection services
  • Mechanical surface preparation & substrate cleaning.
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Protective coating application
  • Confined space & working at height operations
  • Adherence to Australian, international and defence standards & specifications.

PCCP accreditation is widely recognised as the pre-eminent national accreditation scheme for paint contractors. Ikad is committed to the on going improvement of all facets of its business and recognises the importance of PCCP accreditation, and for this reason is currently undergoing accreditation with PCCP, with the view to achieve approval in the coming months.


Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment


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