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IKAD is now an agent for H2O and Boss Separators

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IKAD is proud to announce that we are now an agent for H2O and Boss Separators in the Australian and New Zealand market. H2O was founded in 1980 with the mission to provide high quality water treatment solutions to offshore oil & gas and marine markets. Since then, the company has designed and built hundreds of potable water, biofouling control solutions and sewerage with electro chlorination systems for clients around the world. H2O water treatment systems are easy to use, customized to client’s specifications, and meet all government regulations without sacrificing quality. With the reputation of providing worry-free water treatment solutions. H2O is considered a “Gold Standard” when it comes to water treatment. Has acquired BOSS Separators which provide bilge water treatment systems that you can depend upon for years of low-maintenance use. No matter your needs, we’ve got a BOSS Separators unit that will work hard for you.

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Letter of Thanks

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IKAD Engineering were recently engaged to carry out major repairs to corroded structural and hull steelwork surrounding the vessels Box Coolers. IKAD crew were faced with many challenges throughout the project and approached these challenges in a very timely, organised, professional and competent manner whilst working closely and liasing with our client throughout the vessels maintenance docking availability.

Our job performance has been reflected by the Letter of thanks from our client Solstad Offshore ASA. We wish to thank all the Solstad crew for entrusting IKAD Engineering with their critical timeline tasks and the support that was provided through out the maintenance availability.

Thanks to all the IKAD Crew for a great effort in doing what they do and making things happen “Anywhere Anytime”

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IKAD Engineering and HEILA Cranes in Australia

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Our recently commissioned crane in Karratha Western Australia lifts 24.4 Tonnes at 7.89 metres and can lift 11.3 Tonnes at 16.5 metres maximum outreach. Weighing in at 13 Tonnes excluding the winch, this crane will surely get the job done for our clients.

IKAD and Heila have worked together since entering into a service partner agreement in December 2017. Heila Cranes strives to provide customers with optimal service in countries where they supply cranes and is always on the lookout for suitable partners. In Australia, IKAD Engineering was an obvious choice. “A healthy company with a good reputation and a high level of service standards,” according to Henk Gennissen, General Commercial Manager at Heila.

IKAD is a renowned company with over 150 employees and its customer base has increased considerably—with satisfied customers, that is, thanks to the company’s excellent and prompt service. The company is responsible for carrying out overhauls, repairs, major rebuilds, and services in its workshop and on site. IKAD also takes care of crane certification and the supply of spare parts. If customers require installation and commissioning of their cranes, IKAD will happily take care of it.

IKAD has recently commissioned another new large capacity HEILA Marine Crane HLRM 230-4SL in the north west of Western Australia for Austral Construction.

Wayne Redfern, Group Manager Defence/Maritime IKAD Engineering: “When we extended our activities, Heila appointed us as an official distributor for the Australian and New Zealand regions. From then on, we also started selling new cranes. The resulting expansion of our services led to the employment of local service agents in key and remote ports.”

Heila Cranes and IKAD Engineering: a perfect match from which customers greatly benefit.

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IKAD Engineering purchases highly specialized ARCEMY® module

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  • Sale of highly specialised Arcemy® module to IKAD
  • Initial $300k purchase order received; final sale value in excess of $500k, subject to agreement on final specifications
  • IKAD Engineering is an engineering solutions provider to Defence, Industrial, Natural Resources and Water Technology sectors
  • Arcemy® module to provide IKAD with robotic automation for large scale pipe manufacture featuring varying widths and diameters
  • The fit-for-purpose customisation of Arcemy® modules for Australia's manufacturing sector presents a significant opportunity

AML3D Limited (ASX: AL3) (“AML3D” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce the sale of a highly specialised Arcemy® multi-dimensional Robotic Welding and additive manufacturing solution to IKAD Engineering (“IKAD”).

IKAD Engineering, headquartered in Western Australia, is a mechanical and structural engineering company providing project management and engineering solutions to Defence, Industrial, Mining, Marine, Oil & Gas, and Water Technology industries.

IKAD recognised the advanced capabilities of AML3D's Arcemy® module and its underlying Wire Arc Manufacturing (“WAM®”) technology. With its flexible configuration, the Arcemy® module's ability to manufacture large scale structures of multiple length and diameter dimensions will provide IKAD with the opportunity to manufacture with higher deposition speeds and less downtime than traditional manufacturing practices.

The production efficiencies that the robotic, dual wire feed Arcemy® module will offer IKAD will lead to a clear advantage as a versatile system designer and fabricator. Furthermore, the module's integration will provide both IKAD and AML3D with the opportunity to strengthen Australian Sovereign Capability manufacturing offering to Defence.

The initial application by IKAD for the Arcemy® module will be to manufacture pipes of multiple length and diameter dimensions. Pipes will feature elbows and flanges respectively, will vary between 4 and 12 metres in length: featuring diameters between 500 and 4,000 mm in size.

The phase one purchase order, for equipment and engineering design for the supply of a highly specialised Arcemy® module tailored specifically for IKAD manufacturing applications, is valued at $300,000 ex GST. The purchase order is on standard commercial terms. After completion of phase one, it is anticipated that a second purchase order will be issued for construction, programming and commissioning. This is anticipated to be a similar amount to the phase one purchase order, subject to definition and agreement of specifications during phase one.

The sale of the Company's third Arcemy® module is an exciting milestone for AML3D. Its supply demonstrates further market penetration of this system into diversified engineering businesses and acts as an additional case study on how Arcemy® units can be customised to suit particular customer needs.

AML3D is thrilled with the opportunity to further support local companies in their transition towards Additive and Advanced Manufacturing, assisting in the ongoing restoration of Australia’s manufacturing sector.

Mr Ivan Donjerkovich, IKAD Engineering's Managing Director, commented:

“We are excited to work with AML3D by making a significant investment to enhance our manufacturing capabilities and grow our business through driving advances in Australia's sovereign manufacturing capacity and technology. Australia has an enviable opportunity in being at the forefront of the biggest shifts in manufacturing since the early 1900's and we intend to be a big part of this focus in the Additive Manufacturing space. Our initial focus with this unit will be on servicing key clients within the Oil and Gas sector with future potential also in Defence and other industries.”

IKAD Engineering

Mr Andrew Sales, AML3D's Managing Director, commented:

Mr. Andrew Sales

“We see the IKAD Engineering purchase as a strong vindication of our ability to supply and commission a highly specialised multi-dimensional robotic pipe welding solution. The customisation of the Arcemy® module cements its commercial viability, and most importantly allows our customer to improve their manufacturing efficiencies through automation, 3D metal printing and additive joining.”

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Certificate IV and Diploma in Leadership and Management

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IKAD Engineering has an ongoing commitment with continuous improvement and the professional development of all our employees.

Key people across all our departments were given the opportunity to complete their Certificate IV and Diploma in Leadership and Management. To everyone’s credit, all the employees that were selected to participate completed the Leadership and Management course successfully. We wish to congratulate our personnel that took part in this round of training and thank them for all their time and efforts in achieving such excellent results.


IKAD Engineering — Our Commitment to Renewable Energy

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Total of 266.323 Kw Equating to approximately 430,000 kwh per annum, which is the equivalent of 301,000 kgs of CO2 being released into our atmosphere.

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BAE Systems Testimonial: Installation of the Enhanced NULKA Active Missile Decoy System for the LHD Canberra Class Ships

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Well done to our Sydney crew for such a great effort and a job well done on the installation of the Enhanced NULKA Active Missile Decoy System, for the LHD Canberra Class Ships. This testimonial from BAE is recognition of their hard work during this project.

This project was also supported through the efforts of our Henderson workshop who were able to manufacture the required components for the eight launchers and have them transported to our NSW team in support of this installation which enabled the completion of our portion of works ahead of an already tight schedule.

It is a testament to everyone involved and in particular our NSW crew at the cold face working to meet all contractual requirements not only for this task but parallel projects of similar sizes.

We wish to thank all IKAD personnel for their efforts, it takes a team to make these things happen and you as a crew are second to none.